5 Tips to Sleep better – Even If You’re Stressed


You have a problem to solve. And he’s literally taking his sleep. But that sucks not only because of dark circles – lack of sleep affects your body and mood, and can cause even more problems. And you do not want your life to turn a snowball of bad things, do you? Check out these tips that will help you sleep faster and better, even if you are stressed.

Tips to Sleep better – Even If You’re Stressed


Adjust the temperature

Science says your body falls asleep faster when it’s colder – so it’s so good to take naps in the winter. Invest in an air conditioner or fan if you live in a warmer region. It is also worth paying attention to the excess blankets.


Say goodbye to electronics

If it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime. Nothing to keep with your tablet, smartphone or TV connected. In addition to putting new ideas in your head (which can lead to insomnia), the blue light of these devices interferes with the ability to fall asleep – basically because our body thinks it is day.

Pillows are allies to sleep better

Instead of sleeping with multiple pillows under your head (and collaborating with back pain), spread them! It is worth to ‘hug’ a pillow, put a cushion between the knees and even on the belly

Exercise during the day

Exercises have several benefits – two of them are sleeping faster and for longer! But the tip is to do them during the day and not at a time close to bedtime.

Adjust your position

Your body reacts differently to the position in which you go to sleep. Find out the best position here!


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