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9 Must-Have Tips for Controlling Cellulite

9 Must-Have Tips for Controlling Cellulite cellulitis Dermatology

Female nightmares, cellulitis is clinically present in 90% of women, although none of them consider themselves free of the threat. The problem reaches all age groups, regardless of the weight of women, who try to understand how to permanently eliminate cellulite from their lives.

Cellulite Reduction

Solutions on how to eliminate cellulite are many, but there is an infallible recipe. The secret seems to be to persist and not reject any new idea, even though the combination of a balanced diet and physical activity is often singled out as the most effective treatment.

Learn how to control cellulite, 9 must-have tips to control cellulite

To know how to eliminate cellulite, it is important to know also its origin, which can be diverse. Among the main causes of the problem are hormonal factors, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol or cigarette consumption, and genetic predisposition.

Given this, it is not easy to find out how to eliminate cellulite, but worth trying. We've prepared nine tips that give you a good chance to present satisfactory results, either by eliminating the occurrence or by controlling it at least.

1. Drink water: basic tip of how to eliminate cellulite, is not it? Its intake eliminates the toxins that make up the cellulite. Take at least two liters of water during the day, in a fractional way. The water is irreplaceable, although juices and isotonics also help - but watch out for sugar and calories.

2. Less sodium: it retains fluids, which can aggravate the condition. Therefore, reduce the consumption of salt and industrialized foods, inlays and canned foods. Opt for natural spices in food.

3. Practice physical exercises: cellulite indicates the presence of localized fat in the hip and buttocks, so practicing activities will improve circulation and prevent new occurrences.

4. Eat Fruits: It's curious, but if you want to get rid of peel-orange skin, this is one of the indicated fruits. Foods that are a source of vitamin C stimulate the production of collagen, which gives elasticity to the skin.

5. Creams and Self-Massage: The combination of cellulite creams with self-massage generates far more results than the isolated application of any of them. You can still use a vegetable loofah in the bath and do an exfoliation once a week.

6. Take care of the intestine: if you use antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and contraceptive medicines, stay tuned! They can cause intestinal dysbiosis, which is nothing more than the imbalance of the intestinal flora, which also generates increased cellulite. Another problem linked to this organ is intestinal constipation, which also raises the accumulation of toxins in the body.

7. Consume omega 3: found in large quantities in fish, in addition to seeds and flaxseed oil, plays an important role in the health and appearance of the skin and is often indicated for those who want to know how to eliminate cellulite.

8. Lymphatic Drainage: The procedure improves circulation and helps to eliminate toxins in the tissues, proving to be quite effective against cellulite. There are important gains, such as reduced fluid retention.

9. Change habits: working sitting for long periods, having a sedentary routine or abusing the high heel also in no way helps anyone who wants to get rid of cellulite. With a little effort, it is possible to improve circulation.