After all, what is Cellulite?


Cellulite is a type of inflammation of cells, an accumulation of fats under the skin that cause microcirculation changes and increase fibrous tissue, depressions or elevations in the skin that are located mainly in the thighs, breeches and buttocks.

In the seventeenth century, it was considered as a common feature within the ideal pattern of female beauty, appearing even in the art of some Baroque artists. However, in modern times it has become a great enemy of women.

Known scientifically as Lipodystrophy Gynoid, cellulitis affects more than 95% of women, it forms in the fatty tissue that is between the dermis and muscles.

Researchers point out that the appearance of cellulite is linked to the female hormone estrogen and to the circulatory system, the main factors that influence cell changes, causing water retention and toxin accumulation.

An unbalanced diet, low fluid intake, heredity, contraceptive pill use, constant stressful situations, sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can also trigger the problem.

Cellulitis can be corrected once the connective tissue recovers its normal softness and elasticity, releases the retained substances and they are drained and eliminated.

It is necessary to adopt a diet restricted to foods that do not leave toxic residues in the body; physical exercises that stimulate circulation, digestion, elimination of toxins and respiration; besides massages directly in the affected areas.



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