At work the tip is: to move!


long working hours. Lot of time sitting in the same position. Bad posture without exercise testing environment. The day to day work can and must be used to take care of the health of the body as well.
“Staying at a table for eight consecutive hours or more affect the circulation, vision and also contributes significantly to weight gain and hence to the development of cardiovascular disease,” says physical education teacher, Muriel Vidigal.
A few simple changes in routine within the agencies can combat sedentary lifestyles, ensuring the proper functioning of the body and strengthening muscles, even while we are at work.
Before you even get to the office it is possible to practice any physical activity. Leave the car aside and get around by bicycle or increase the walk to get to work improve fitness and cardiovascular exercise part.
Arriving at work, rather than ride the elevator, prefer the stairs. If the floor is too high, climb some elevator bids and complete the path going up some steps. This type of exercise helps you lose weight and increase muscle strength. This tip, however, is not indicated for people suffering with knee problems and joints.
Every hour of work stop and make a stretch. It can be done in the very chair. Enjoy who is sitting to stretch your legs, arms and wrists. A circular motion with his head to relax the neck. The elongation while increasing the layout prevents muscle shortening that can lead to pain.
The physiotherapist Andrea Bortolazzo recommends that each hour, is made a walk to stimulate circulation. Stand prevents thrombus formation and aids in burning calories. Some applications are effective to control and organize the time we spend when we are working and warn us that it’s time to take a break to rest.
Another alternative to keep moving during working hours is not to leave a bottle of water on the table. The measure will force you to get up to quench the thirst and thus will stretch your legs a bit and make the blood circulate.
Some companies offer gymnastics for its employees. This practice helps to prevent diseases related to work activities and encourages employees to practice physical activities, which are important for a better quality of life and health maintenance. On average, this type of exercise lasts 15 minutes and can be done before, during or after the journey, either to prepare for the work, to offset the stress of work or to relax after toil.
Stand without moving much time is extremely harmful to the body. Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine by scientists at Columbia University in New York (USA) shows that the time spent in a chair can shorten life, even if you exercise.
Men and women, of any gender, race or color, who were seated during most hours every day are at increased risk of early death, especially if it were not moving for more than thirty minutes.
Research cited in the American College of Cardiology site warn that spend many hours sitting increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, especially in women. So, change your routine work and live more and better.


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