Conquer the perfect butt


Want to have a perfect butt for real, check out these tips you can do at the gym perfecting your workout and also in the day to day.

With this series, you will see results after the tenth practice. Then, just install a shop fitting mirror in your home to contemplate the beauty of your B side

If you can not (or do not want to) go to the gym, do the following to raise the rear: each time you get up and up stairs, you contract your buttocks as if you could not knock over a leaf trapped between them

When climbing stairs, it will contract the butt.

Conquer the perfect butt cellulitis Dermatology

Check out 4 other killer tips to have a perfect butt

Upper chain

Muscles that lie in the back of your body – called by later chain physiologists – is the way to protect yourself from injury and lift the glutes

Conquer the perfect butt cellulitis Dermatology

1. Spine Eretor

Which is? – A set of tube-shaped muscles that lines the bottom of the spine and runs from the lumbar to the base of the skull.

What are you doing? – Keeps your spine aligned when you bend or twist. What does it stand for your butt? A weakened spine erector compromises the posture and leaves the lumbar and buttocks out of position. Nothing sexy.


Conquer the perfect butt cellulitis Dermatology

2. Buttocks – Butt

What are? – Three muscles: the maximum, the largest of the body, and the medium and the minimum, deepest and fan-shaped that join at the side of the hips.

What are you doing? – All three assist in the sit, stand or run. The maximum is largely responsible for the round buttock shape, while the medium and the minimum cause you to not limp to the right or left. What do they stand for your butt? The three parts need to be well outlined so the derrière is rounded and larger up and narrower underneath.


Conquer the perfect butt cellulitis Dermatology

3. Thigh Posterior

Which is? – An interlacing of three muscles from the back of the thigh, from the inside of the femur to the side of the knee.

What are you doing? – Stabilizes the hips so that you can bend forward and kick without being injured. What does it stand for your perfect butt? You need it to perform with perfection exercises like the training stiff of this report.

Conquer the perfect butt cellulitis Dermatology

4. Calf – For a Perfect Butt

Which is? – A series of muscles that go from the knee, point where it is thicker, to the ankle, where it finds the tendon of-Achilles.

What are you doing? – These are the muscles that help stand on the tip of the foot and flex the knees. They are crucial for explosive activities such as shooting. What does it stand for your butt? When you bend forward (during squats, for example), it activates fewer gluteal muscles and puts more pressure on the delicate knee ligaments. Strong calves keep you firm and steady.


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