Did you know that the hookah is as bad as smoking?


Depending on the session time, the act may amount to smoking more than 100 cigarettes. The hookah is bad and can cause addiction to contain nicotine Oriental and latest broadcasting the Western world origin, the hookah came to Brazil as recreation and soon fell in love young people, mainly due to the essences. What people do not realize is that the product smoked in the unit is based tobacco that when carbureted, is as harmful to health as the conventional cigarette.
Differences between hookah and cigarette
“Like any tobacco product that is smoked the hookah will produce in its combustion all 4,700 toxic substances already known cigarette and we know that cause chronic diseases and cancers,” says Dr. Liz Almeida, the National Cancer Institute (INCA ). “Many use the excuse that in products as well, as is the case of cigar and pipe, the smoke is not inhaled because the idea is to just feel the taste of the product. In practice it is not what happens to the water pipe and even if it was, we must remember that only the smoke in the mouth is enough to generate a cancer in the oral cavity. ”

Dr. Liz Almeida. Photo: INCA

Tobacco used in the hookah, even with all the essence of taste, is eaten in greater quantities by the body. “One of the biggest hookah problems is long exposure to tobacco. Depending on the device size and the session of the durability, the act may amount to smoking more than 100 cigarettes. And people should remember that the product has nicotine, a substance that addictive very quickly. soon the body will ask for more, and over shisha for other tobacco products such as cigarettes, is a leap, “says Dr. Liz Almeida.
What using hookahs cause?
Studies have linked the use of hookah to the development of lung cancer, respiratory disease, periodontal disease (gum) and low birth weight, and expose your users to concentrations of nicotine addictive. In the long term, its consumption can cause lung cancer, mouth and bladder, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
The risks of hookah use are not only related to tobacco but also infectious diseases. Share the nozzle between users can result in the transmission of diseases such as herpes, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.
The fashion spread quickly throughout Brazil and flavor additives masked the danger behind the habit. “The hookah was a very cultural process of Turkish, Lebanese. Something that was only used on weekends. Immigrants that culture brought the hookah to Brazil and fashion got here after a novel that was very successful. At the same time there was a reincorporation wave the use of hookahs by young people in the bars. this created a boom in the production of goods and this increased supply more easily spread use. Some parents and young people themselves feel that sweet smell and think it does not hurt, imagining that there is no smoking in there, “explains Dr. Liz.

Photos: Karina Zambrana / MS

gateway to addiction
The increase in the number of hookah users in the country, especially among young people, concerned. Mainly because the device gateway serves to an addiction that can last a lifetime and cause serious health problems. “By 2007, the first research has indicated that many young people were using other tobacco products other than cigarettes. And most often used product was fired, the hookah,” recalls the doctor.
“In 2008, the Tobacco Special Research (PETab), IBGE, we note that the percentage was not high, accounting for just over 250 thousand people using the hookah But the repetition of the survey, in 2013, a figure called attention:. Taking only between 18 and 24, we had 63.3% of people who claimed to use the product. in the National School of Health (PeNSE) held in 2015 among young people 13-17 years it was recorded that 7, 3% of them were using a tobacco product other than cigarettes. this was equivalent to 940,549 boys and girls. of these products, the hookah was the preference of 57.7% of adolescents. in other words, when it harnesses the fad, the wave kids, we begin to have a cultural dissemination of a product that is as bad as smoking, “concludes Dr. Liz Almeida.

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