Do not break your routine physical activities during the year-end holidays


After a year whole damn doing regular physical activity and making healthy body, December comes, vacation, recess, get-togethers and clearances. In this case, the exercises can not be left aside. The body is already accustomed to this routine and it is not advisable to return to sedentary lifestyle.
The year-end festivities are accompanied by hearty suppers with fatty foods and beverages – and there is often excessive consumption. This is one of the reasons why we should not abandon physical activity at this time.

Professor Ricardo Moreno Lima. Photo: Karina Zambrana / MS

“These year-end get-togethers usually impact on body weight, given the amount of high-calorie foods consumed in the period. Studies in several countries show that a person can earn up to half a kilo on average, at a party like this. In general, this gain weight is not reversed after this stage parties. So the ideal is that physical activity is not set aside during this period, “explains Ricardo Moreno Lima, professor in the Department of physical Education at the University of Brasilia (UNB). “And we have to remember that there are several parties. The idea is maneirar the consumption of high-calorie foods and put the body to work. Physical activity can not go into recess,” says Lima.
According to the professor, it is normal for this time of year that laziness and paint one wants to take the time off to rest or do other things that normally do not get throughout the year. Still, you can not forget the routine already established. “We know it’s hard to put the body to work this fall, since it is the school holidays and recess. The important thing is to make physical activity, whether individual, group or team sports. What can not is fading.”

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