Functional tea helps in health and fitness


Numerous medicinal herbs have been used in infusions for thousands of years, helping to treat and prevent health problems. In recent times, even more benefits have been evidenced. Functional tea, for example, promises benefits to the body’s functioning, as it helps with fluid retention and even weight loss.

How about enjoying the cooler days of winter and making a cup? In addition to helping to warm the body, the drink also contributes to better health. There are several types of herbs that can be used to prepare beverages.

Tips for functional tea and its benefits

Functional mint tea

For a functional and tasty tea, mint is the right choice. The herb has digestive effect, helping to treat gastric discomforts and evacuation. In addition, it can still alleviate headaches and relieve day-to-day anxiety.

To prepare, just place ten mint leaves in 120 ml of hot water, letting it rest for ten minutes. It can be consumed next or frozen.

Green tea

Green tea has antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as thermogenic, which makes it one of the darlings for those who want to lose weight. For the preparation, use three leaves of Camélia sinensis (scientific name of the green leaves) in 120 ml of boiled water. Cover and let stand for ten minutes. Eat then.

Cinnamon tea

It is also possible to prepare a functional tea with cinnamon leaf, which has thermogenic effect and helps in accelerating the metabolism, also aiding in the better functioning of insulin. It can still help to decrease mild colic and gas.

The preparation is done with five cinnamon leaves in 120 ml of boiled water. The procedure is the same as in other cases: leave capped resting for ten minutes and then consume.

Horsetail tea

With diuretic effect, this functional tea helps to eliminate fluid retention and reduce swelling. However, it is not recommended for people with renal or cardiac insufficiency. Another benefit is the remineralizing capacity, because of the chemical composition rich in minerals, especially silicon, which is excellent for the skin.

To prepare it is recommended to use two stalks of horsetail in 120 ml of hot water, and can be consumed after ten minutes.

White tea

Finally, white tea is considered a functional tea thanks to its thermogenic and antioxidant effect. The preparation is the same as the previous ones, placing five sheets of white tea (leaf of the newest green tea) in 120 ml of boiled water.

And you, do you usually include some functional tea in your routine? Tell us!



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