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Good guy or bad guy? Coffee secret is the amount

Good guy or bad guy? Coffee secret is the amount Health A to Z Health Tips

Tomorrow is the World Coffee Day (14/04). This drink is present in 98% of households in the country and is the most consumed beverage among Brazilians after water. Coffee secret: Villain or good guy?
national passion, the coffee is featured in the following breakfast and follows the daily lives of people at work and in the following meals. The drink, which has several ways to “take”, ranging from traditional brewed, the exquisite espresso, is controversial when it comes to coffee saúde.Os effects on the body are controversial, associated with negative effects on the one hand, and protective, from another. They pass through association with the increase in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and come to be considered a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases and metabolic stimulator.
The Demystifying publication question about Food, produced by the Ministry of Health together with the Federal University of Minas Gerais, points out that “the effects of coffee in the body derived from bioactive substances like caffeine, stimulating the nervous system and the heart muscle; chlorogenic acids , which have anticancer activity and antioxidant properties, and diterpenes, related to lipid metabolism. ”
A line is studied Coffee antioxidant action, being one of the richest dietary sources of chlorogenic acid, a vegetable polinefol. This indicates the inhibition of inflammation and lower risk of cardiovascular disease and other inflammatory diseases. But the excess consumption of more than three cups a day, on average, can cause some kind of evil and to be associated with high blood pressure or generate anxiety.
This explains the nutritionist, barista and teacher Senac São Paulo, Maria Carolina Lazzarini. “Coffee is associated with thousands of benefits. It is antioxidant, helps in weight loss, prevention of various diseases and their daily use ends up helping on issues such as stress and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The key is in quantity. In no exaggeration consumption” he says.
According to Lazzarini, the way the coffee is produced also affects its properties and of course the taste. Among the sins are let the water boil, put too much powder (recommended is 10 grams for each 100ml) and do too much liquid and leave heating on coffee or stored in thermos. The deadline to reuse the drink is 30 minutes.
The book Demystifying question about the Food reinforces this point. “The relationship between coffee consumption and elevated serum cholesterol found in some studies, appears to be related to the beverage preparation mode. Turkish Coffee or boiled have higher concentrations of cafestol, a substance responsible for the increased serum levels of LDL-c, than filtered coffee or snapshots. ”
– Prepare only the amount of drink that will be consumed immediately; – If you use cloth strainer, rinse with water only; – Paper filter must be the same size and shape of the holder Photo filters Do not compress or squeeze the layer Blanch filter-coffee in the pot or thermos bit prior to drink- the water should be pure and clean, preferably filtered, or bottled
Types of preparation
FiltragemÉ the traditional way of making coffee, packaged powder with a filter paper or cloth, with addition of hot water not boiling over.
PercolaçãoForma more common in Europe, the ground coffee goes in the center of a moka equipment, the flame of the stove, boil the water and press the coffee liquid into a container
PrensagemPopular in the United States, but known by French press, the coffee powder is mixed with hot water which passes through a filter and is pressed by a piston.
PressãoO espresso coffee is ground at the time and will suffers a filter in a water at 90 ° C and pressure of 9 kg pressure for 30 seconds, yielding a creamy and aromatic beverage.