Healthy habits help prevent the development of diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease that most concern the medical authorities around the world. According to the Risk and Protective Factors Surveillance Research for Chronic Diseases Telephone Survey (Vigitel) of the Ministry of Health, the diagnosis grew by 61% in 18 years who live in capital between 2006 and 2016. During this period, the number of people who say they know the diagnosis of diabetes increased from 5.5% to 8.9%.
In allusion to World Diabetes Day (November 14) the Ministry of Health reinforced the warning: having healthy habits is essential to control the disease.
“About 20 million Brazilians are with diabetes. And most worrying is that many are unaware of this condition. If you put a hundred people in an auditorium today, it is likely that ten of them have the disease,” explains Guilherme Falcão Mendes, expert clinical Nutrition.
There are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. The cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown, many cases begin in childhood and people living with this disease need the daily administration of insulin to survive. Type 2 affects the vast majority of people in the world and usually is the result of poor diet and physical inactivity. Have gestational diabetes is a temporary condition, but should leave alert women as it opens a door to type 2.
“Diabetes is a silent disease. Studies show that the patient first develops prediabetes and only ten years later the condition worsens. It is important to say that at this early point, you can reverse the situation with good nutrition and physical activity. A since diabetes develops, do not have more like, since unfortunately the medicine has not found a cure, “says the nutritionist. “It is essential that people take regular examinations, especially after 35 years,” says Mendes.
Regular physical activity and a balanced menu on a daily basis are the best ways to prevent diabetes. Consuming varied diet, healthy and adequate amounts allows meeting the demand of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to guarantee a life without risks. The inclusion of dietary fibers is also important, since it has positive impact on normalization of blood lipid concentrations and reduced glucose levels.
“In the area of ​​nutrition we commented that the diet of a person with diabetes should be to all people. It is that recommended in the Food Guide for the Brazilian population, the Ministry of Health, should be followed by all who seek a healthy life and risk, “says the nutritionist who also warns:” overweight and obese people are more predisposed to type 2 diabetes, but those with normal weight considered are not unrelated to it are sedentary and feed poorly. ”
Alert in pregnancy
Gestational diabetes is an unusual condition, characterized by hyperglycemia (increased glucose levels in the blood) that is recognized during pregnancy. It occurs in about 4% of pregnancies and usually heals soon after birth. But mothers who had diagnosed the table should be alert.

“Gestational diabetes is becoming increasingly common and it happens a lot for the pregnant woman’s physical inactivity account. It is temporary because the hormone levels return to normal after delivery, but leave a warning to mothers who have been diagnosed. If they had gestational diabetes, the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes throughout life is great. In other words, you need to escape the sedentary lifestyle, balance the food and do regular checkups, “says Mendes.
Meet the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population

The Federal Government also encourages physical activity through the Health Academy Program with approximately 4000 and 2012 enabled poles with completed works.


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