Ingredients that pose a risk to heart health


Learn to read food labels to identify ingredients that negatively affect heart health The list of ingredients in processed foods can help identify if it is harmful to heart health. According to the booklet Food cardioprotective, the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Heart Hospital (HCor), on the gift list ingredients on the product label are described five ingredients or more, and these ingredients have unfamiliar names, not used in culinary preparations, food is classified as ultraprocessado.
ultraprocessados ​​foods are low in fiber, have a large amount of calories and an unbalanced nutritional composition. “That makes them a major contributor to the worldwide epidemic of obesity, which is directly linked to heart disease problems,” said Mariana Claudino, nutritionist ACT Health Promotion, member of the Alliance for Adequate Food and Healthy.
When consumed in large quantities, with many industrial food additives negatively affect people’s health. In addition to promoting heart disease, the unbalanced nutritional composition of ultraprocessados ​​can cause diabetes, various cancers, and increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies.
Important: The tip of the five ingredients can help identify whether a food is harmful to heart health. However, it highlights that Mariana is not a rule. “There are some ultraprocessados ​​products with few chemical additives described on the label but with lot of fat, for example, which can also harm the health of the heart,” he explains.
What are ultraprocessados ​​food?
The ultraprocessado is a food that has gone through numerous processes in the food industry to be completed and marketed. For example, corn, turn to pack snacks, went through numerous processes with the addition of high amounts of fat and preservatives.
They are usually foods that have long shelf (deadline extended validity), with the addition of many sugars, fats and preservatives, as well as a long list of ingredients, described on the labels.

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harmful ingredients to heart health
The ultraprocessados ​​bring in their composition antioxidants, colorants, preservatives, sweeteners and flavorings. These food additives are responsible for promoting greater durability, softness, color, crispness, taste and highlight other characteristics of goods.
“The indiscriminate use of these additives can cause the onset of infant allergies. There are also studies linking the consumption of additives with cancer, with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as insulin resistance and hypertension, “says Mariana.

Ingredients that pose a risk to heart health Health A to Z Health Tips
Brazilian cardioprotective diet
Also known as Tip BR, the Brazilian cardioprotective diet was developed from nutritional recommendations outlined in the Brazilian guidelines directed to the treatment and control of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and its risk factors. The goal is to promote adequate and healthy food and prevent diseases related to the development of chronic diseases. Check power tips to have a healthy heart.
The Food cardioprotective is guided in the Food Guide for the Brazilian population, since the basis of this power includes food raw or minimally processed. The booklet, available in two versions, also encourages Brazilian food culture and consumption of homemade culinary preparations.
Ingredients that pose a risk to heart health Health A to Z Health Tips


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