It always pays to quit smoking


Video, Tania Cavalcante, executive secretary of the National Committee for Tobacco Control, talks about the benefits of quitting smoking Several global, national or even regional campaigns warn the population of how cigarettes can be harmful to health. Smokers have 10 times greater risk of contracting lung cancer, five times more likely to be victims of heart attack and twice to suffer stroke.
“It always pays to quit smoking. Symptoms of diseases tend to be progressive, with the parking cigarette addiction abandonment. The irritating effect of the smoke will not exacerbate the respiratory condition that that person has, “says Tania Cavalcante, executive secretary of the National Commission for Tobacco Control video produced by the staff of Health Brazil platform. “Stopping smoking aid in respiration, circulation, blood pressure and even in taste” full.
Watch the video and learn some benefits to stop smoking

The Unified Health System (SUS) offers free treatment for those who want to quit smoking. Look for centers or health centers or the Health Department of your municipality for information on locations and times of treatment. Or see the Tobacco Control Coordinator at Health Department of your state.

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