Jump and step thin and leave the butt hard

Jump e step

Jump and step are hope against flaccidity and cellulite

Are you too lazy or want to lose weight? Then jump. The recipe is simple, but it works. Jump and step are examples of exercises where jumping brings a lot of results. “They bring the improvement of the cardiovascular capacity and carry out a high caloric expenditure, besides being very fun,” says Professor Milena Emídio, coordinator of Triathon Academy. Varied rhythm classes, aerofight, circuit also possess these characteristics and can be viewed as an option for those days when they hit a craving to get away from the treadmill. Next, you know a little more of each of the exercises and you can start practicing them already, getting ready to jump even more (of happiness, this time).

Jump and step

Jump and step thin and leave the butt hard Exercises Health A to Z Weight loss
Jump to lose weight flaccidity and cellulite

The caloric expenditure of the exercises is related to the practitioner’s initial physical condition, health status, eating habits and hours of sleep. In a lesson of 30 to 45 minutes, there is a burning of 300 to 600 calories. jump and step also work on motor coordination. They are classes of easy access for all the people, counting on contagious songs and choreographies with different degrees of complexity and intensity.

Legs and Butt

If you want to tone the lower muscles, do not miss the jump and step classes. Calves, thighs and buttocks are worked intensely during movements. The best of it? You do not even realize you’re in an intense workout.

Strengthen muscles

Jump and step thin and leave the butt hard Exercises Health A to Z Weight loss
Strengthen muscles lose weight

If you have any knee injuries, you need to strengthen your muscles and joints before you get into the rhythm. Bodybuilding training is essential for this and also be sure to stretch well before you start jumping. When in doubt, talk to the teacher before you face it.

Tones the abdomen

Jump and step thin and leave the butt hard Exercises Health A to Z Weight loss

How about practicing an exercise that has, as a bonus, the toning of the abdomen? If you liked the idea, then enjoy the jump and step classes. The muscles of the abdomen and the paravertebrae function as stabilizers in the jump class, so the work in isometry is quite intense. There is no specific work on the abdomen, but the muscles are requested, says Professor Milena Emídio.

  • Self-esteem in the highest

In addition to improving conditioning, jump and step classes greatly enhance your self-esteem. They promote socialization, people have fun and can enjoy a more active and healthy life, says the teacher at Triathon Academy.


As class time and exercise intensity increase, students’ breathing becomes more intense and faster, the body requires increased oxygen uptake. Proper breathing during a jump class coordinates inspiration and expiration according to exercise speed, intensity, and time. There are no rules for breathing, each has a capacity to capture and eliminate gases. As the abdominal muscles will be tense during exercise, the breath is more thoracic than abdominal, according to the teacher.

Worth by a lymphatic drainage

Jumping on the trampoline of jump lessons is worth a massage, according to the teacher. There are benefits to the treatment of cellulite and also decrease of swelling. The results come after the third month of school.


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