Keep your body active after retirement


To retire, some people end up settling and, besides work, leave aside the physical activity, something sorely needed to keep the body active and health days and get right to the elderly. Keep your body active
With more free time, it is recommended to seek some retired activity you enjoy so that the membership is full and regular.
“Regardless of the physical activity, the elderly have to keep in mind that it must have the supervision of a health professional,” says Patricia Garcia, professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Brasilia (UNB) and board member of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SBGG-DF). “The easiest to do is to walk, but you can not indicate the walk for all older people, since some of them have balance problems and history of falls. If it feels good and was released by the doctor, walking is good because it’s something you can do close to home, in the neighborhood, in parks. ”
Look for a health center near his residence. The Basic Health Units (UBS) are priority areas of action of primary care teams. Thus, there is developed a primary health care with a high degree of decentralization and deep capillary in the country, which always leaves closest to the daily lives of people.
“The elderly need information about the physical activity and it can search for it in health centers. They always have group activities for seniors. The family has to encourage and he has to be aware and look for these groups. Membership exercise increases greatly when you have company when you socialize, and especially when it is close to their own homes, “says the teacher.
The service is free and the elderly can have consultations in various specialties and receive multiple diagnoses. All this will influence the choice of physical activity. Some will need more exercises to work the muscle strength and balance, for example.
“The first activity that comes to mind is bodybuilding gym, but many older people find it boring. Health centers, Olympic centers, SESCs are good options to look for group activities to which the elderly will feel more comfortable and make more regularly, “recalls Patricia Garcia. “It’s not the idle time he has to do it will move. It is essential that he choose activities that give pleasure, that is, is no different from any other adult or child. The exercise must be enjoyable, not an obligation, “he concludes.
Photo: Karina Zambrana


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