Learn how to leave the meeting with healthier friends


Hanging out with co-workers for that Friday lunch with a feijoada or receive friends and family to a barbecue. Meeting with friends: let it healthier
In general, the gatherings end up turning around calorie menus. But you can find better options for health without giving up the habit of eating together.
According to Irene Coutinho de Macedo, coordinator of the Nutrition course, the Senac University Center (SP), is important for people to cultivate the habit to meet to dine together and it’s even more interesting when they make the meal itself. “To prepare the food, we know the origin of the ingredients,” he says.
As for the menu, Irene suggests alternatives to the traditional dishes such as barbecue. “Let’s take the barbecue, we can bring other elements to improve the quality of food, opt for meat with less fat, and includes vegetables, eggplant, tomatoes, beets, among others,” he explains.
Another option is to vary the menu, looking for other cuisines, such as Mexican or Arabic, for example. “These kitchens use more natural ingredients in the preparation. Thus, it is possible a less monotonous food, more diverse. Give to diversify without losing in quality and taste,” he says.
To avoid
Even in the meetings and events with friends, it is recommended that ultraprocessados ​​foods are avoided. According to the coordinator of the course of Senac, there is no recommended amount for that type of food. The ideal is to prioritize fresh food prepared at home.
“Consumption of ultraprocessados ​​foods can lead to obesity, which is a public health problem. If you consume a large volume of food with very high energy charge, which can cause diabetes, high blood pressure,” said the coordinator. Another important factor is to avoid excess.
eating together
Social events with food can be a great option for closer ties. “Preparing food collectively, being together, let the people closest. When we prepare and eat with others, eat better, it makes the meal alone, he sits at the table and observes what to consume,” lists Irene.
For the coordinator, from the observation of what you eat, you can improve the quality of life as a whole. And for everyone to put into practice a healthier collective meal, the suggestion revenue is grape cigar, which ensures flavor and fun to prepare. Check out!
Charutinho of UvaIrene Coutinho Macedo (recipe adapted Farhud DNA Elisa)
350 g of grape leaf (can substitute grape leaf for cabbage leaf) 2 cups (tea) of white rice lavado500 grams of moídaSal meat Like1 teaspoon (tsp) pepper Syrian moída1 / 2 tablespoon (coffee) nutmeg ralada1 / 2 tablespoon (coffee) ground cinnamon
Broth to cook the cigar
2 tablespoons (soup) of manteiga6 garlic cloves cut in country1 medium onion (finely chopped) 1 chopped tomatoes without skin and sementeSal the Like2 lemons (juice) Syria pepper gostoÁgua (to cover them completely, when they are ready and assembled in the pan )
Cigar assembly
Wash the grape leaves and remove the stalk from the top of the sheet. Blanch leaves in hot water so that they are more macias.À part, rice mix (crude) with the ground meat (raw). Add salt, pepper Syria, nutmeg and cinnamon pó.Misturar all with mãos.Em then fill each grape leaf with a mixture of rice, meat and temperos.Para fill each grape leaf place at the center leaf a handful of rice mixture and close the leaf beginning at the top, sides and then wrapping the filling content cigar-shaped, leaving it totally hidden inside the sheet uva.Esse process must be repeated for each sheet . Book charutinhos.
Cigar Preparation
In a wide, high saucepan, melt the butter and sauté the garlic, onion and tomato. Add the salt, lemon and pepper Síria.Colocar cigars, one by one, over the stew, arranging in layers, taking care not to break the charutinhosCobrir the charutinhos with water and boil it until the inside rice cigar is cooked. Serve still warm and without the broth.
More options
Another important tip is to use the Food Guide Regional Brazilians, who values ​​the traditional cuisine and bet on the use of fresh food and incorporates the culture and traditions of different regions of Brazil.


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