Learn how to prepare a healthy lunch box and practice

healthy lunch box

Escape restaurants and have a healthy diet away from home can save money and time during lunchtime. It takes a bit of organization and right choices at the time of preparing the lunch box.

“The pot is important precisely because the person already in advance chooses what to eat. Before the Brazilian ate more healthily, with rice, beans, salad and meat. Today the rush changed everything,” says Suzana Furtado, Nutritionist Service national Commercial Education (Senac) of the Federal District. “Select what you will eat is essential because it avoids processed and still contributes to the security issue. The food poisoning on the street today is worrying.”

According to nutritionist, the biggest complaint is that there is no time to prepare lunch boxes. . “If the person to organize, it can prepare your lunch box without major problems is best to separate one day – Saturday, for example – to go to the market and buy much of what it will consume that week, taking what he buys the market and cooking at home. Remember that fresh products are healthier and that the fair usually offers products cheaper. Then people start to come up with the dishes every day. the more colorful the better, “teaches Suzana.

“The ideal is to build the pot thinking of a table plate. A quarter of this dish can be rice, a bean room and a meat room. The last room is salad. And he can go about doing the replacement. Rice, carbohydrate part of the group of the masses, then it can be replaced by chips or noodles. the meat protein, can give rise to egg, chicken, fish, chickpeas. If there is the possibility, the salad should be taken in a compartment separately, so that the other pot can be heated without problems, “continues to nutritionist.

Another tip is to take the week’s meals in the freezer or freezer. “The person who complains about weather can freeze your portions during the weekend and go thawing day to day. These frozen foods maintain the nutritional characteristics for a month. That meal Tuesday must be placed in the fridge on Monday, to go gradually thawing. So on Tuesday morning, you can sanitize vegetables quickly and easily. If there is no stove or microwave at work, it is important that the food is conditioned in a freezer bag, “concludes Suzana Furtado.

Tips to prepare your lunch box


Go to the fair: help the economy, ensures fresh food and diversifies the supply;
Plan to: have a meal plan helps a lot in search of healthy habits. Set aside time during the week to prepare meals in advance and sanitize vegetables;
Make your shopping list: go to the market knowing that the food will be prepared and consumed throughout the week. planned menu prevents less healthy solutions last minute.
Store well: keep your food the right way, choosing pots preferably glass, it makes a difference. A separate container for raw salad is also important.

Prepare a healthy menu: bet the full versions, which are rich in fiber and promote greater satiety. Do not abuse of oils, fats and salt – remember that natural spices are more beneficial to health. Put more color on the plate, leaving the most nutritious meal.

The Food Guide for the Brazilian population, the Ministry of Health passes guidelines to ensure food and adequate preparations for consumption:

Concern about the hygienic and sanitary quality of food also involves the process of handling and preparation. Care should be taken to reduce the risk of contamination: wash your hands before handling food and avoiding coughing or sneezing on them; avoid consuming meat and raw eggs; sanitize fruits and vegetables under running water and put them in sodium hypochlorite solution; keep food protected in packaging or containers.
The kitchen must be kept clean, airy and uncluttered. Dedicate time to clean refrigerator, stove, cabinets, shelves, floor and walls helps to preserve the quality of food purchased or made preparations. Also, cooking in a clean and organized environment makes this more enjoyable time and decreases the time to prepare meals.



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