Light exercise and hydration help the body recover from holiday season


Amid togethers work, meet friends, Christmas dinners and celebrations by the turn of the year, we can not lose heart and put aside physical activity. Keeping the body active will help recovery after so much “effort” at parties, after all there is often excessive drinking and food and little sleep.

Professor Ricardo Moreno Lima. Photo: Karina Zambrana / MS

“As this year-end there are many parties, at home, at work, among friends, we forget a little physical activity. If by chance the person attended a celebration and the next day is tired, the idea is to make rather a activity, but in this case a lighter exercise. the point is not to abandon the exercise routine. the right even to do is maneirar the most caloric food in these gatherings, “said Ricardo Moreno Lima, professor of Physical Education, University of Brasilia (UnB).
In addition to physical activity, it is extremely important not to forget hydration. Even those who are not used to consuming alcoholic beverages during the year end up taking some amount of alcohol during social gatherings. Importantly, the water needs to be consumed also because it helps reduce the urge to eat too many sweets. “We must be attentive to hydration all the time. Of course, if alcohol consumption in social gatherings, attention to water consumption becomes mandatory, “recalls Richard. A good choice for get-togethers is to make flavored or flavored water. You can do in a jar or even those suqueiras by adding fruits, vegetables or herbs to the water. Can be lemon, orange, pineapple, cucumber, mint. The idea is to play with the flavors and make everyone take more water. Remember to sanitize everything before making the mixture. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to serve and enjoy refreshing.

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