Massage for Relief tendinitis – Tips on How to Do

Massages to relieve tendinitis
Massages to relieve tendinitis

Tendonitis is an inflammation…

of the extremities of the tendons and is caused by repeated effort and excess of a same movement, called RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), which usually goes up from the hands to the shoulders or vice versa. Check out Tips for Relieving Tendonitis.

All people who spend hours in front of the computer tend to have tendonitis due to repetitive typing movements in that same posture.
But tendinitis can relieve and above all be avoided as well, especially with massages that act as physical therapy exercises, relaxing the muscles by removing the excessive tension of the muscles and tendons that are being affected.The pains caused by tendinitis are softened with painkillers and immobilized the affected area, providing a resting to the musculature until it deflates.

Massages to relieve tendinitis


Massages can be done during tendinitis crises, but they are very painful, as inflammation of the tendons bothers greatly, restricting certain movements.

It is best to perform the massages in order to prevent and avoid the pains before they arrive.

Some simple exercises can be done without you having to stand up from your desk or at home in front of the computer and help relieve tendinitis. These are stretches that must be made by those who spend a lot of time typing or writing.

5 Quick Tips for Alluding Tendinitis:


1 – Search every 50 minutes of activity, reserve five minutes to relax.

2 – It is important to do the self massage every day. Massage is considered as a technique that helps in the recovery of stretches, ligaments and muscle inflammations and helps increase flexibility, improves movements and joints.

3 – Try to massage the hands by pressing the other palm on the palm of your hand. And so massage her all the way up each phalanx of the fingers.


4 – If the tension is in the legs, a massage will be great for relaxing and stimulating circulation, massaging the calf from the top down to the feet. Use both hands. Tendonitis hits the joints, so enjoy and massage your feet.

5 – The use of a moisturizing cream will facilitate all procedures.

(tendinitis: inflammation of a tendon, most commonly from overuse but also from infection or rheumatic disease.)


  1. Liked it! Now whenever I can, I do a little before the pain comes, it has helped a lot. tks!


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