Meat with excess fat raises health problems

meat with excess fat
meat with excess fat

In Brazil, the number of men who consume meat with excess fat is about two times higher than that of women. The data are from Research Risk and Protective Factors for Chronic Diseases Surveillance through telephone interviews (Vigitel) held by the Ministry of Health in all the country’s capital. Excessive fat intake is a major factor in the development of cardiovascular disease, it increases LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and as it is very caloric, makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. “It’s cultural Brazilian consume more meat than the nutritional needs. Usually these meats have fat if consumed in excess, will not do good for health. The goal for a more adequate and nutritious food without risk is to consume less meat, or decrease the size of the portion of this protein, “teaches Fabiana Nalon, master in human nutrition from the University of Brasilia (UNB).
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In the entire adult population studied by Vigitel, one-third (32.0%) of people claimed to have the habit of consuming meat with excess fat. Among men, the figure is 43.1%, against 22.5% of women. The highest frequency of consumption of fatty meat among men were observed in Cuiabá (57.6%), Campo Grande (53.7%) and Palmas (51.2%).
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Besides reducing the consumption of fatty meat, especially red meat, it is essential to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. The recommended is to add to food items that will help the body to treat fat more appropriately. “The fibers of fruits and vegetables decrease fat absorption by the body. If before consuming the meat you eat a salad, the way the body absorbs this fat is different, “says Fabiana. “Oxidized cholesterol plaques in the arteries form – and vegetable plants and to have components that prevent the oxidation cholesterol. So, one needs to have in your vegetables and assorted vegetables power precisely to avoid future problems. ”
“If you decrease the portion of meat, automatically consumes less this protein and less fat. And we must remember that the fat, the more cooked, worse. So we asked to avoid frying or that well-done and crisp flesh,” accentuates Fabiana .


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