Meditation reduces anxiety and helps combat obesity


Meditation relieves anxiety and stress acting on chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, obesity and depression Meditation is a path for those seeking tranquility and quality of life and have practical effects on health. This explains the medical and meditation teacher of the Health Department of the Federal District, Maira Polcheira. “People who meditate have a higher self-care, improving the living habits, as well as being more compassionate, more cooperative, less reactive and more happy,” he adds. Meditation is one of 29 Integrative Complementary Practices offered by the Unified Health System (SUS).
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According to Maira, in the Federal District (DF) there are no defined protocols as the indication of meditation, but it is increasingly common to adopt the practice in doctors’ offices, psychological and occupational therapy. “People are more receptive to this practice and has tried meditation as indicated by the health professional or even by friends and co-workers,” he says.
Meditation in SUS
FD, meditation is offered in health centers in various administrative regions, such as the Pilot Plan, Ceilandia, Gama, Taguatinga, Planaltina and Cruzeiro. The Health Department began working to identify servers that are interested in being trained as meditation facilitators to implement the practice in all basic health units.
There are several types of meditation methods and with different objectives. However it can be said that traditionally the practice is the art of getting acquainted with something in the case with the mind itself. “The success of the meditation practice depends on the incorporation into daily habits and many patients drop out because they can not enter it in your routine,” said Maira. “It is important to note that there are various forms of secular and religious meditation, but the SUS offers only secular meditation, to avoid cultural and belief interference,” says Maira.
integrative practices
The treatments using therapeutic resources are based on traditional and scientific knowledge and directed to cure and prevent various diseases such as depression and hypertension in a complementary and integrated fashion to conventional medicine. Brazil leads the offer of integrative modalities in public health with 29 practices and 5 million users in 9,350 establishments 3,173 municipalities.


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