Myths and Truths: mother’s diet during breastfeeding

breastfeeding. mother feeding a baby health tips
breastfeeding. mother feeding a baby health tips

Identify myths and learn some truths about it The truth is that there is no evidence that any food or drink increase or decrease breast milk production


“What to eat to increase breast milk production?”

“Black Beer is good to produce more milk?”

What determines the milk yield is the amount of times the baby breast chest or the more the mother empties her breasts. That is, the more the baby nurses, the more milk the mother will.

In general, foods that our mothers and grandmothers give us and recommend to increase the production of milk has very liquid, and the liquid is important for milk production.

According to expert, jam sessions and canjicas can be consumed, not because it will increase the production of milk, but because they help moisturize. These are foods associated with affection, and this is a good practice that has no contraindications.

What is really important to maintain milk production is feed the baby on demand, whenever he wants or that the mother realize that he’s hungry. It should be offering the breast without an appointment and feed several times during the day and night, when needed

Myths about breastfeeding

“Black Beer is good to increase milk production?”

There is no evidence that black beer promote increased milk production. And it can even be risky to take any alcohol as it passes into breast milk. Therefore, beer should not be consumed. During breastfeeding, it is not recommended to take any drink with alcohol, especially in large quantities. If the mother wants to relax, to take lemongrass tea or other tea in their region.

It is normal during breastfeeding women feel more thirst because of the effort that the body dedicated to the production of milk. So the trick is to drink more water than usual. A mother who does not have this habit should include it in their daily lives. You can also increase fluid intake taking teas. Only stimulants teas are not recommended. Recalling that need not put sugar in tea.

“Feed me wrong, my milk will be weak?”

There is no weak milk. Breast milk has all the substances and vitamins in the right quantity that the baby needs to grow and develop healthy. Every mother, regardless of the origin and social class, produces the best milk for your child. It is natural to eat a little more or feel more hungry and thirsty during breastfeeding, because the woman is expending energy to produce milk. Should pay attention to the choice of food always opting for healthier.

The orientation to have a healthy diet is to consume the maximum amount of fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, meat, and preparations or recipes at home. The ultraprocessados ​​food, made by the industry, which comes in boxes or containers, ready to heat in general have too much sodium and should be avoided as they promote heart disease, diabetes and various cancers, as well as contributing to the risk of disability nutritional.


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