New SUS therapies help to stop smoking


The way to stop smoking can be long and tortuous. New complementary and integrative practices at the SUS can help in the process According to the national coordinator of Integrative Practices and Ministry of Health Complementary, Daniel Amado, such treatment has no specific indication to combat smoking, but it can help to treat the patient as a whole. “With the integrative practices have a comprehensive care of the person, treating a range of other sufferings that can help in the process of quitting, acting in an individual’s well-being,” he says.
The Unified Health System (SUS) began offering 10 new integrative practices, adding now 29 options for the population. For Daniel, therapies are complementary to conventional treatments within the protocol and medication. About 80% of the services take place in primary care and are offered by the very professional staff. “So, we can offer a wider service. Complementary practices can help acting on the emotional background of a problem, for example. This is the case of the family constellation, which deals with family issues,” he adds.
Brazil leads the offer of integrative modalities in public health with 29 practices and 5 million users in 9,350 establishments 3,173 municipalities.
integrative practices in SUS
The treatments using therapeutic resources are based on traditional and scientific knowledge and directed to cure and prevent various diseases such as depression and hypertension, complementary and integrated conventional medicine. Check out the new modes available:

Apiterapia – method using products produced by bees in beehives as bee venom, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, honey and others.
Aromatherapy – the use of volatile concentrates extracted from vegetables. Essential oils promote wellness and health.
Bioenergetics – diagnostic vision combined with the understanding of suffering / illness, adopts body psychotherapy and therapeutic exercises. It helps to release tension in the body and facilitates the expression of feelings.
family constellation – Spatial representation technique of family relationships that identifies emotional blocks of generations or family members.
Color therapy – uses the colors in the treatment of diseases in order to harmonize the body.
Geotherapy – use of clay with water may be applied to the body. Used in injury, wound, injury, musculoskeletal diseases.
Hypnotherapy – set of techniques for relaxation and concentration induces the person to achieve an increased state of consciousness that allows you to change unwanted behaviors.
Laying on of hands – healing by laying on of hands near the body of the person to energy transfer to the patient. Promotes well-being, reduces stress and anxiety.
Ozone therapy – gas mixture of oxygen and ozone for various routes of administration for therapeutic purposes. Promotes improvement of various diseases. Used in dentistry, neurology and oncology.
Flower therapy – use of flower essences that modify certain vibrational states. Assists in balancing and harmonizing the individual.

Where to find
More than 9,300 healthcare facilities proffer some integrative and complementary practice, which represents about 28% of the Basic Health Units (BHU). They are present in almost 30% of Brazilian municipalities, distributed to 27 states and the Federal District and all Brazilian capitals.


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