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Olympic medalist Gustavo Borges explains the benefits of swimming as physical activity

Olympic medalist Gustavo Borges explains the benefits of swimming as physical activity Health A to Z Health Tips

Besides working multiple muscle groups, swimming aids in improving the breathing aid in weight control, provides well-being and self-esteem increases. And most importantly, it can be practiced by people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Few Brazilians have more authority on the subject that Gustavo Borges, who owns four Olympic medals (silver in the 100m freestyle in Barcelona – 1992, silver in the 200m freestyle and bronze in the 100m freestyle in Atlanta – 1996, and bronze in the 4x100m free relay in Sydney – 2000 ).
“Swimming is a good choice for those looking for a regular physical activity. It has no impact (in the spine and joints) and is a huge capacity for sport to improve health and well-being of the practitioner,” explains Gustavo Borges.
The practice of sport is facilitated by the amount of available pools in the country. “Fortunately, we have a good number of public swimming pools in the country, in addition to those available in the system S, as SESI and SESC,” says the former athlete.
However, Gustavo recommends the aid of a specialized professional. “You can swim alone to exit the sedentary lifestyle? It’s possible. But I do not advise too practicing swimming on their own. It was the need for a well-trained professional, as well as any other physical activity, in order to get you a good workout, you need much knowledge to know what you’re doing in the pool. There is also a very important issue which is the water survival (techniques that teach you how to turn on the water in various situations), “the Olympic medalist.
Not everyone can afford the cost of a swimming lesson and just taking advantage of what is at hand, as the pool of the condominium or the club. But the athlete alert for something that should always come first: security. “In the case of sporadic practice free to use pools, which is the case of clubs, for example, where you are not nearby the accompaniment of a professional, the focus of supervision is on survival. And who does it is the Body Firefighters, the lifeguard. in these cases the presence of one of them so you can exercise safely is essential. the ideal, of course, is the presence of a well-trained alongside professional in order to reach the goal in the right way “concludes Gustavo Borges.
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