Orlistate: Allied weight loss


Orlistat inhibits the absorption of up to 30% of ingested fat and what is better.

A medicine to accelerate the weight loss of those who can not lose weight just by dieting. So is orlistat, a slimming compound that prevents the body from absorbing up to 30% of the fat ingested. Despite the bull’s recommendation to take three capsules daily, many doctors prescribe only two capsules a day – one at lunch and one at dinner. The rationale is the low fat breakfast.

Orlistate: Allied Lose weight

Studies done with the compound indicate that, after one year of treatment, it is possible to lose up to 10% of body weight. If the ingestion of orlistat is combined with a hypocaloric diet and physical exercise, the effect will be even better.

An advantage of orlistat is that it has passed through the Anvisa sieve, which since last October has swept from the pharmacy shelves medicines derived from amphetamine: Femproporex, diethylpropione and mazindol. Used as aids in weight loss, these remedies were associated with heart problems and chemical dependence.

Orlistat would not pose these health risks, since it does not act in the brain, but directly in the digestive tract. But like any other medicine, it should only be used under medical supervision. And, it’s important to remember: it does not replace the need to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly.



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