Pain Relieve: Ways to relief without medicine


tips to relieve pain preventing abuse of pills, evidence is emerging that alternative therapies help fight back, head, and knee pain.

What is pain:

Pain is an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience that occurs in different degrees of intensity – from mild discomfort to agony – and may result from nerve stimulation due to injury, illness or emotional disturbance.

In addition to medicines

We are sorry to inform you, but most medicines do not work properly when the pain is common. That failure was opened up by a new review by the George Institute for Global Health in Australia. The experts evaluated data from 6,000 volunteers included in 35 studies with the purpose of testing the power of anti-inflammatory drugs. The conclusion shows that only one in six subjects obtained some relief.

Aware of this trend, a team led by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in the United States (NCCIH) investigated which alternative therapies (massage, acupuncture, meditation…) had the greatest impact in reducing the most prevalent pains: in the back, in the head , on the neck and knees. “These conditions are the most common reason for seeking new forms of treatment. Hence the importance of knowing which strategies work, ”says epidemiologist Richard Nahin, the document’s main author. You can find below the strategies that have shown solid evidence of effectiveness.

Integrative treatment

Alternative therapies, such as those analyzed by NCCIH  (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health), have a vocation to act on the brain and its nerve network and rebalance mental well-being. Thus, they ease stress beyond measure, one of the triggers and foods of chronic pain.

Decreasing discomfort

It should be noted that pain pills should not be forgotten. Within an integrated program and with monitoring, the remedies have time and time. In addition to anti-inflammatories and opioids, two of the most popular drug classes, antidepressants and anticonvulsants, can be prescribed to silence more difficult cases to control. The doctors’ goal is to combine and enhance the action of drugs and use them for the shortest possible period. Pay attention: the indication and maintenance of treatment depends on the doctor. No self-medication.

Even when that arsenal fails, there are still ways to alleviate distress. Several surgeries correct bones, tendons and cartilage. Minimally invasive procedures install electrodes to block branches of the nervous system that have gone into a screw. In fact, science is evolving at a fast pace and gives clues that we have good news in the future. In addition to new active principles, techniques such as transcranial stimulation, which play electromagnetic beams in specific areas of the brain, and laser applications to contain the inflammatory process have been improved in recent years.





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