Parks and borders: good places to enjoy their city and take care of health


The outdoor physical activity has many benefits, such as changing the routine, escape stress through contact with nature and the promotion of social integration. There are many cities and towns in Brazil that have a park or waterfront by the sea, lakes or rivers. More than just leisure and tourism, these sites can serve perfectly to the practice of physical activity. Several public areas are getting revitalization in recent years and promoting a better integration of the population with the space and the opportunity to take care of health.
“I watched this work for several edges and parks in Brazil,” says Danielle Cruz, responsible technical in physical activity area of ​​the Ministry of Health. “The victory edges (Holy Spirit), Aracaju (Sergipe) and Joao Pessoa (Paraíba) just to name a few, they are very attractive for those who want to practice physical activity. Not to mention the traditional Rio de Janeiro coast, historically occupied by sports practitioners and other physical activities. The rehabilitation of these places, as well as parks and squares, causes the population to integrate more to the city, which promotes a sense of belonging to the place. health care taking advantage of what the city offers is very significant for the increased prevalence of physical activity among the population. ”
In Manaus (Amazonas), Parque Ponta Negra brings together bike path, trails for walking and jogging, places to practice volleyball, foot volleyball and soccer in the sand, and outdoor gym. All this framed by the beautiful landscape of the Black River.

At the other end of the country, the revitalization of the Guaíba shore, in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), is expected to be delivered in the second half of this year, with new walkways, updated lighting, decks for sunset watching, changing rooms , bike paths and sports fields.

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