Pay attention to hydration and nutrition before and after physical activity


The practice of regular physical activity is good for health of body and mind. And to achieve better performance, you must be well aware about the hydration and nourishment. On physical activity
Doing regular physical activity prevents diseases, it helps maintain a healthy weight and brings many benefits for the mind and body. But like so many things in our lives, it is advisable to be aware of the tips from the experts. Power, for example, must be made before, during or after the activity. And hydration? Speaking on the subject is Edgard Soares, PhD student of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Brasilia (UNB).
“Hydration is something we should always keep, throughout the day. But it takes more attention when doing physical outdoor activity, mainly because of the sun and this time of year because the summer time, “says the professional of physical education. “The recommendation is we consume on average two liters of water a day or even a little more for people with higher body mass. And when you put the body in movement for fluid loss, ie reset is good as long as possible. If the activity lasts longer than an hour, it is good to hydrate throughout the year. Consume in small amounts to not get sick, something between 100ml and 200ml. ”
Water is present in all chemical reactions in our body. Besides composing the structure of the cell, regulates body temperature and assists in the transport of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore hydration throughout the day is required. Regardless of age, sex and physical body type. At the time of physical activity, it becomes even more important, since our body eliminates large amount of this fluid through sweat.
In addition to sweat, other factors contribute to dehydration, ie the loss of fluids. Among them the intensity and duration of exercise, the weather and even the type of clothing used. Activities and more drawn for long periods attention must be paid. In this case, it also bet on liquids that restore the minerals, such as coconut water.
The practice after hydration is also important. “We have to remember that the body continues to sweat a lot, for a long period of time, after physical activity. Keep an eye and replace the water lost by the body remains, “says Edgard.
What you eat, how much and when can influence physical activity. “Ideally, the person feeds one to two hours before leaving to do an activity and avoid heavy meals. If there is carbohydrate, preferably integral, is good because it will serve as fuel for the body, “he explains.
Please note that the recommendation is that the base of the feed is composed of fresh food and processed minimally. Avoid ultraprocessados ​​and use oils, fats, salt and sugar in small amounts to flavor and cook. Opt also for culinary preparations made at home and prefer foods that will help the body as a whole, such as fruit, homemade yogurt, homemade bread, chestnuts, among others.
Food should be well chosen and will generate the energy needed for physical activity. In other words, nothing to put the body to move without him. “It’s good to take good care of a fashion to make physical activity fasting. You can not do this after waking up and eating nothing, “says the professional of physical education. “Try a light sandwich, a serving of fruit. And you can try to marry a meal everyday. For example, eat something soon after waking up, wait a minute, leave for physical activity and take your breakfast when you return. The same with lunch. If after work, can you eat something light before making physical activity and dinner after returning home. ”
Photo: Karina Zambrana


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