Popcorn has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, study finds


Pretend pan popcorn! Know more.

For scientists, popcorn is a good source of polyphenols because it has only 4% water. Vegetables and fruits are also sources of the substance, but as its composition can reach 90% water, it would not be as concentrated. In popcorn, the highest concentration of polyphenols can be found in the hard, brown film – one that can cause an uncomfortable feeling between the teeth. Rich in fiber, one serving of popcorn can offer more than 70% of the daily consumption of whole grains recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Once again, the bark that is usually discarded is considered the main source of fibers.

Popcorn should be prepared in steam-free appliances, without fat
But if you want to enjoy the benefits of popcorn without gaining extra pounds, you may prefer to prepare the beans in your own appliances, which use steam to burst the corn. Savor the snack at the movies or opt for microwave-specific grains add twice as many calories, turning it into a calorie bomb. Scientists also stress the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables, since popcorn does not have all the vitamins and minerals found in these foods.


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