Public programs to support physical activity


Those who want to leave in the past life without physical activity can be sure that will not be alone. Public programs to support physical activity
There are now several programs in Brazil to overcome inactivity and support for physical activity, and it is no accident. Lack of physical activity is one of the great evils of modern society, the world, and very expensive for public health networks. Only in our country, according to a study by the British journal The Lancet, the direct and indirect expenditures attributable to physical inactivity reach the impressive total of 3.3 billion reais in a year.
Therefore prevention programs are so important. One of the most complete and comprehensive is the Health Academy, created by the Ministry of Health in 2011 and whose goal is to reach all municipalities. The program’s goal is to promote health, prevention and care for chronic diseases; and disseminate knowledge that promote healthy lifestyles.
In practice, this goal is achieved by means of the program centers, public spaces nationwide that provide infrastructure, equipment and skilled professionals maintained by the Government so that people can practice some physical activity, in addition to learning about proper and healthy eating, experience physical activity experiences related to dancing, games and recreation.


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