Recommendations to enjoy the carnival in a good and healthy way


Want to skip the carnival safe, healthy and happy ending way? So take good care of the body so that it can withstand all-day revelry. Carnival requires a lot of the body, mainly because the party demand a lot of dancing for a few days in a row. Put the body to move is healthy, but some care should be taken not to lose power in the last moments of revelry.
“If a person who is not used to physical activity regularly and will skip the carnival for several days, she has to be careful. You need to eat well and rest well, “says Edgard Soares, PhD student of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Brasilia (UNB). “Of course this holiday season one does not think much of rest, but it is good that it is alert to the body and hold on this larger effort that will be sued. A good night’s rest will prepare you well and will not let you miss a day of revelry. “The power will also greatly influence during the carnival. Revelers usually bet on fried foods and fast foods, or heavy foods, which can cause complications. “It is not because it is the carnival that you will forget the foods that are suitable and healthy and therefore necessary for the proper functioning of the body, such as fruits, vegetables, homemade breads, rice, beans, anyway. Reserve times meals to eat well the body will function properly, “Soares.Vale teaches remember that skipping the carnival right after eating is also not cool. “The more you eat, the more dense the food and the greater the amount, the more your body needs rest, such as the feijoada, for example. So the ideal is to bet on lighter, natural and nutritious meals. Still one has to wait about 30 minutes to go on the rampage again. Ate something heavy? So the ideal is to wait at least an hour to feel no discomfort in revelry. ”

Another precaution to be taken is the consumption of water, since the carnival is moved joy, dance and sweat. “You can not forget hydration. Many carnivals are tanned under the sun, then the body loses too much water and minerals. You must drink plenty of water throughout the day and to replenish minerals, it’s worth betting on coconut water. To be all right in the carnival is also to be careful with the consumption of alcohol, which is something that does not match physical activity and good health. Mainly in the carnival as it helps to dehydrate the body even further, “he concludes Edgard Soares.
Photos: Karina Zambrana (top) and Shutterstock


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