School holidays are a good time to start a new eating routine of children and youth


The rush of day to day can be an excuse for not maintaining a healthy eating routine. If this is the case, nothing better than the holidays to change the concepts. During this period the family are more often and, best of all, with time to spare. school holidays: a new food routine
It is a unique opportunity to do more family meals and add more healthy items to the table. “During the holidays, parents are closer to the children, spend more time with them, and the chance is perfect to introduce more healthy foods. These moments at home with the whole family, are suitable for that light to the table the concept of healthy eating and the pleasure of playing with your food, “teaches Rafaela Rangel Jorge Araújo, specialist in child and school nutrition.

Rafaela Rangel. Photo: Karina Zambrana / MS

“A good example of healthy snack on vacation is to make a homemade ice cream, beating frozen banana. Others would be skewered fruit, vitamins and juices. The ideal is to work this playful part, putting the children to participate in the process. Assemble a salad it is a good example. in the rush of everyday life often unable to do so because we try something faster, more practical. Already during the holidays there this time and it is extremely important to bring all of the family in the production and consumption of adequate food and healthy, “explains nutritionist.
The participation of all is also important in this process. “Another great experience on vacation is to take the children at the fair, for example, and use the time to work the concepts in a playful way. Children can pick the fruits to make the juices themselves decide. They can also find out foods to which they are not used. and when you get home, the ideal is that they continue to participate. Can you wash and vegetables from a salad or help to make simple dishes like pasta. ”
The holidays can also serve as a kick in the changing habits of the whole family, especially the youth and adolescents. “Suddenly a habit he could not settle at home for lack of time may start on holiday. Or even return something that was lost during the year. In the other months, is to remind the children of these experiences and maintain a routine healthy, “says nutritionist.
The ideal is to transition gradually and work awareness. If the child will eat popcorn watching a movie, why not eat a fruit before the start? If you are traveling, bet on fresh food that are easy to buy close to where the family is staying. With creativity and persistence, you can rest and at the same time initiate a change of habits that will bear good fruit all year.

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The publication Food Regional Brazilians, the Ministry of Health, is a good guide to sharpen creativity when mounting the menu from day to day. The main objective is to promote the wide variety of fruits, vegetables, tubers and legumes of our country, in addition to supporting food and nutrition education and encourage appropriate and healthy food. This material also contributes to publicize the variety of foods in all regions and guide its use in culinary preparations.
»About the book” Food Regional Brazilian “, the Ministry of Health (PDF file)


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