Secrets: 9 Strategies to Burn much more Calories During Exercise



In addition to bringing various health benefits, physical activity is still essential to the weight loss process and leaves the legs healed, steep buttocks and belly drip. If you train regularly, but still want to boost the results of the gym, know some simple strategies that help burn much more calories during exercise:

Secrets: 9 Strategies to Burn much more Calories During Exercise Beauty Exercises Health A to Z Weight loss
coffee to Burn Calories During Exercise

1. A good simple tip to boost weight loss is to drink coffee before going to the gym. That’s because caffeine, in addition to ensuring more disposition, speeds up the metabolism and causes you to burn more calories. Green tea or guarana powder are also excellent alternatives.

2. Do not ignore the importance of heating. It prevents injuries and leaves the body more willing and ready to receive the benefits of the main activities. Only 10 minutes make a lot of difference in the process.

3. Challenge your own body without great efforts with 10 or 15 more minutes of aerobic exercise. If you arrived earlier at the gym or want to dodge traffic on the way home, use that extra time to burn extra calories.

4. Invest in workouts that work opposing muscles without interval, decreasing the time you spend in the gym and making your muscles more resilient. This type of activity still increases the caloric expenditure because it alternates strength activities and aerobic exercises.

5. If possible, practice exercises in the morning, as, according to studies, the period tends to boost calorie burn, probably because you are more willing and energized.

6. When your body gets used to certain exercises it tends to burn fewer calories. Therefore, always try to change and bet on different new activities. Increase the weight of the gadgets, intercept walking and running, take dance classes, zumba, boxing and the like.

Secrets: 9 Strategies to Burn much more Calories During Exercise Beauty Exercises Health A to Z Weight loss

7. Contrary to what many people imagine, bodybuilding is essential to boost weight loss. The activity not only burns calories but also leads to muscle gain, which raises your body percentage of lean mass, speeding up metabolism and ensuring faster and easier weight loss.

8. A little secret on the treadmill can also guarantee good returns for weight loss: making speed changes in running and walking helps burn more calories. During the workout, raise the intensity and run faster for 2 to 3 minutes and then return to the initial speed. Also, bet on the incline of the treadmill to increase the effort and, consequently, the weight loss.

9. Do not think that giving up eating is an effective alternative to weight loss, especially if you exercise. Always eat after the workout to ensure recovery of the body and continue burning calories. Make a specific menu with the help of a nutritionist and bet on the combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrate such as whole wheat bread with white cheese and turkey breast or a shake to gain lean mass.


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