Series Ten Steps to Stop Smoking: Choose the best power


The careful eating habits helps you to help stop smoking. Some foods can interfere, hindering or helping to drop the cigarette addiction. Continuing the series Ten Steps to Stop Smoking, medical pulmonologist Cristina Cantarino, Coordinator of Tobacco Treatment Center of the National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), speaks to Brazil Health platform on the eighth step.
Tips on how to quit smoking
“The smoker has to pay attention to the smallest detail to be able to stop smoking. As he rearranged the furniture, for example, to change one ‘corner cigarette’ inviting him to smoke, it also has pretar attention on eating because this can help significantly, “says Cantarino.
“Unfrozen Alcoholic beverages, for example, serve well in a ‘kit of salvation’. Some do well with chopped fruit or popsicles low calorie cut into cubes and coconut water ice,” explains pulmonologist.
“Always around raw carrots cut into straws. Celery and radish can also help. Chewing cloves or ginger crystals works for some people and the water should be consumed by all aplenty. At least two liters a day,” he adds. Ideally the smoker observe which foods or drinks that lead to smoking, to avoid, as well as those in the review ‘do not match the cigarette’ – these should always be left around. This review is individual and varies among smokers.
Coffee and alcohol are triggers and, in most cases, often lead to the desire to smoke. Avoid them. Make a replacement for fruit juice, soft drinks or ice cream milk, for example. When making the substitution, choose foods you prefer, that bring you pleasure, so that the process is not a sacrifice.
“The cigarette ‘steals’, among other things, vitamin C and immunity. Therefore, choose healthy foods like raw vegetables and fruits. It is time to replace what was lost and invest in health,” concludes Cantarino.
The smoking cessation treatment is offered for free by the Unified Health System (SUS). Call the number 136 and report in which basic health units and hospitals in their municipality treatment is available.

Ten steps for Smoking Cessation
1. Have determination
2. Select a day to stop
3. Cut triggers smoke
4. Choose a method: abrupt or gradual
5. Find healthy substitutes
6. Get rid of cigarette memories
7. Find support from friends and family
8. Choose the best power
9. Seek medical advice
10. Converse in a support group


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