Series Ten Steps to Stop Smoking: Find support from friends and family


The responsibility to quit smoking is the smoker: it may just decide to quit. However, the support of friends and family is very important in the process. In another topic number of materials with a step by step in ten steps to help stop the side of tobacco, medical Cristina Cantarino, Coordinator of Tobacco Treatment Center of the National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA) , speaks to Brazil Health platform on the influence of those who are next to the smoker.
Check out the tips to quit smoking
Support should not turn into pressure or criticism. “One thing that non-smokers do not understand is that criticism, pressure and collection harm those who want to quit smoking. The decision to quit smoking is the smoker and the help of those around you can not be charged with, “says the pulmonologist.
“The father, mother, husband or wife are to help? Just take a glass of iced water for the person who is in the process of quitting smoking. Can offer a fruit, invite for a walk, to propose an activity that gives pleasure to the smoker. The important thing is that the family member or friend try to help, but without much comment. Some smokers prefer to not comment to anyone who are quitting smoking just to avoid charges, “explains Cristina Cantarino.
Want to help someone quit smoking? Find out first if he wants to quit smoking. The initiative has to come from him. If so, indicate the series of ten steps for Smoking Cessation and also provide support information.
The smoking cessation treatment is offered for free by the Unified Health System (SUS). Call the number 136 and report in which basic health units and hospitals in their municipality treatment is available.

Infographic: Find support from friends and family

Ten steps for Smoking Cessation
1. Have determination
2. Select a day to stop
3. Cut triggers smoke
4. Choose a method: abrupt or gradual
5. Find healthy substitutes
6. Get rid of cigarette memories
7. Find support from friends and family
8. Choose the best power
9. Seek medical advice
10. Converse in a support group


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