Stay tuned for minor aches when walking and running


Walking and jogging are great activities to improve fitness and lose weight. However, we need to be aware of problems that can arise from inactivity account, intensity of exercise and lack of preparation of the body. Long periods of inactivity can leave the body unprepared for physical activity and you need to pay attention to some details when you decide to walk or run. “Before any physical activity, advise the person to seek a health professional before heading out to walk or run,” says the physiatrist Moacir Silva Neto, a specialist in sports medicine.
“When a person is sedentary, it can have muscle or bone disorders that make injury. It may be a limitation in the knee, a shift in the column or overweight will cause greater impact on bones and muscles. It is therefore advisable to seek specialized medical in sport, orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists and physical therapists before the sports practice, “adds the doctor.
A cardiologist can point if one is able to walk or run, while other experts will evaluate other particulars, especially those who are stopped for a long time. “They will analyze the footprints, strength and muscle balance, alignment. Each of these details, if not observed, can cause injuries. Some of the most common are plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the sole of the foot that can be caused by the shortening of the calf muscle), stress fracture (an overload in the bones, caused, among other things, by muscle weakness), bursitis in the hip, shin splints (inflammation of the membrane surrounding the tibia) and chondromalacia patella (wear knee), “explains Moacir Silva Neto.
The intensity of exercise is another point of attention. “Some disturbances in the bones, tendons and muscles are not noticed and the person think you can increase the load of physical activity and ends up suffering injuries. The ideal is to have patience, start slowly and gradually increasing gradually every week,” says the physiatrist.
Minor aches that go away after a break in the exercise may reoccur. “Some people feel pain and stop to get exercise just to take a break and recover. Then, when the pain improves, back to do the activity. This is when there is recurrence and the injury could worsen. Ideally, always look for a professional when there is something, “says Moacir Silva Neto.

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