Swimming is activity option with less impact


Swimming is a holy year. The conventional wisdom says that this is the most complete sports, also regarded as an activity with less impact. But is it? Yes! Swimming works all muscle groups, respiratory rate, brachiation, strengthens the abdomen, the back, develops the shoulder girdle, the rib cage, among many other benefits.
Reasons abound for start swimming. Low impact, swimming can be practiced by all ages, with no restrictions. In the aquatic environment there is almost no gravity and therefore the possibility of injury is minimal external agent. It lengthens the body and helps maintain loose and flexible joints. Strengthens the heart muscles and thus, reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.
Photo: Karina Zambrana
How much work breathing, prevents asthma and increases breathing capacity. Not to mention that reduces the level of diabetes, improves cholesterol and help you lose weight. According to the Olympic coach of swimming, coach of Brazil between 1986 and 2008, Hugo Wolf, the mode is effective for treating bronchitis and asthma by “dilate bronchi, alveoli, lungs and improved cellular respiration and efficiency of organelles carrying deoxyribonucleic and saturation “.
Sport can also be recommended for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered some kind of accident. The muscle is relaxed in the water and the glass gains greater mobility, favoring the handling and performance of movements by the physiotherapist.
Swimming helps improve posture. It increases the flexibility of the spine and can assist in the removal of pain caused by inadequate body position. Aerobic capacity of the practitioner also reaps the benefits of sport that requires a lot of breath and requires a lot of oxygen.
The circulation of whom nothing moderate, between 30 minutes and an hour at least twice a week is better. The method facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells, muscles and organs.
For those looking to lose weight and reduce measures, it is worth opting for swimming. In the water, the muscles work up to six times more than on land, and with it, the calorie expenditure is higher than in other activities.
If you’re looking for a sport to help combat anxiety and depression, swimming can be a good indication. Swimming releases endorphins, the hormone of well-being and pleasure that elevate mood. The embodiment is also effective in reducing panic and feeling of sadness because it uses repeated breathing and meditation techniques that are relieve tension.


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