Tapioca with egg weight lose and you will only be hungry at lunch


Is it difficult to maintain a diet? know this tapioca tip with egg fit, you will lose weight in the morning and will be hungry only at lunch.


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is the starch extracted from cassava, usually prepared in granulated form. It is the main ingredient of some typical Brazilian delicacies, such as beiju, an indigenous quitute discovered in Pernambuco in the 16th century

Why do you lose weight?

Carbohydrate with protein

In addition to being nutritionally complete, the dish has two extra points: the first is the satiety promoted by the combination of tapioca, a good carbohydrate, with protein, that will inhibit your hunger for hours.

Egg fit

Tapioca with egg weight lose and you will only be hungry at lunch Health A to Z Healthy Food Weight loss
Tapioca with egg weight lose and you will only be hungry at lunch

Prepare the food in the microwave, without adding a drop of oil. Thus, the egg becomes healthier and less greasy and caloric.

This is a variation option for those who usually eat tapioca every day and do not want to lose the line by putting greasy fillings.

And, you can bet, these foods at breakfast represent a positive point for those who want to increase satiety, gain lean mass and stimulate the development of muscles.

Benefits of tapioca with egg

Tapioca, a delicacy typical of northern and northeastern Brazil, is gluten-free and does not contain gliadin, a protein that helps increase inflammation in the body and increase abdominal fat. The ideal is to eat only one a day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Egg already has a lot of benefits on account of its properties. It is rich in vitamins and oxidants, so it helps fight free radicals. In addition, it guarantees 20% of our daily protein needs and has only 70 calories, the equivalent of an average fruit.

Spices that turbinate

Regular tomato consumption, which has antioxidant properties, also protects your health, serving as a shield for the immune system and cardiovascular.

The pink salt that is used to season with the pepper, in turn, helps to remove toxins from the body and purifies the blood. Pepper, incidentally, has characteristics that accelerate metabolism, but consumption should be moderate, as it can cause gastric discomfort.

Tapioca recipe with fit egg

Ingredients to Tapioca with egg weight lose and you will only be hungry at lunch
  • Tapioca flour
  • chopped tomatoes
  • Pepper to taste
  • Pink salt to taste
  • Olive oil to taste
  • 1 whole egg

Method of preparation

Make the tapioca in the frying pan, spreading the flour until it is cooked. Break the egg and place it in a silicone form. Drill the yolk so it does not “explode” and take the container to the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the power of the appliance. Remove it, place it on tapioca ready. Add the tomatoes, salt and black pepper. Season with a wire of olive oil. Fold and eat with your hands, like a sandwich.



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