Tendinitis – Tendons inflamed, know what to do!


Tendinitis (inflamed tendons) can arise due to injury, overuse or due to aging. Here’s how to prevent and treat the problem.

Tendinitis appears when there is inflammation, lesions and swelling in the tendon, fibrous structure that attaches the muscles to the bones. Injuries, overuse or the natural aging process, which compromises the elasticity of tendons, are among the causes of the problem. Tendonitis also affects people who have diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

Tendinitis - Tendons inflamed, know what to do! Health A to Z Pain Relief

Learn tips to avoid tendonitis (inflamed tendons)

The most common symptom is pain, usually near the joint, which increases with movements and worsens at night. Sometimes the skin of the place gets to the highest temperature and gets a reddish hue. In more severe cases, when the inflammation is chronic, the tendon may rupture.

Tendinitis affects any part of the body where there are tendons, but certain regions are more subject to it: elbows, heels (Achilles tendonitis), shoulders and wrists.

The diagnosis is made through a physical examination in which the doctor seeks signs of pain and sensitivity. The treatment aims to relieve pain and eliminate inflammation. For this, in addition to medications, the doctor may indicate resting or even immobilize the affected tendons; Heat or cold applications on site also help.

Tendinitis - Tendons inflamed, know what to do! Health A to Z Pain Relief

Most common types of tendinitis:

  • Tennis elbow

Irritation of the tissue that connects the muscle of the forearm to the elbow.

  • Golfer’s Elbow

A disease that causes pain on the inside of the elbow.

  • De Quervain Syndrome

A painful condition that affects the tendons on the side of the thumb of the wrist.

  • Tendonitis of the calcaneus

Injury of the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.

  • Shoulder Collision Syndrome

Shoulder pain caused when a connective tissue (a tendon) is rubbed on a shoulder blade.

  • Jumper’s knee

Tissue damage that connects the patella to the tibia (patellar tendon).

  • Tendonitis in the wrist

Swelling of the tissues (tendons) that bind the muscle to the bone in the wrist.

Once the acute condition is controlled, physiotherapy sessions are needed to strengthen the affected muscles and tendons, accelerating the healing process and avoiding relapses.

To avoid tendinitis (inflamed tendons) at a distance, it is important to keep the muscles always toned and elongated, which is achieved through regular physical exercise. It is also important to warm your muscles before making vigorous movements.


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  2. ola gostaria de saber se eu estou com tendinite, meu braço esta inchado há um bom tempo do cotovelo até no punho, parece um caroço.. e o nervo fica ringindo quando a gente toca nele… de um tempo pra cá, ficou como se fosse uma veia… inchada… que quando a gente toca, parece que tem um buraco. Gostaria de saber o que e obrigado.

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  4. Good bike crash a month or so ago and hurt my left fist
    had a swelling for a few days more passed, being still painful when I make the move, then I went to the doctor and he had to implant to immobilize for a while and took anti inflammatory, then I removed the plaster and continues to hurt when I make the movement as if it had some tendon ruptured, and I look like it was a ball on top and it was taken x-ray and it did not break, what can it be? Dr.

    • Good morning Tales, thank you for the comment, the recommended is always to consult a specialist, seek opinions of other doctors for the correct treatment.

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