That choose bread for healthy eating?


Homemade bread, french, fashion, burger or full? Stay tuned to the ingredients and know how to identify the best bread for healthy eating The best bread is homemade. But if you can not face a home production, it is healthier to opt for prepared breads in bakery preservative additives. The breads (or 100% whole grains with addition of varying) are also a good choice because it contains higher amount of fibers.
Indications are the Analyst Social Policy Technical, Simone Costa Guadagnin, Food Coordination and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health. “It is important to be aware of the list of ingredients and always choose breads that contain minimal preservatives, additives or other substances similar, “he added.
The Guidelines Manual for the Care Health Professional Basic – cardioprotective Food, the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Heart Hospital (HCor) suggests moderate consumption of breads homemade, French or integral type, they have their importance in food (provide energy for the body). As for the bread they bring chemical additives, such as white bread, the bread of bisnaguinha type, hamburger bun and hot dog should be avoided.

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See the list of ingredients

Processed or ultraprocessado?
The list of ingredients available in rolls of label identifies the degree of food processing. “The bread prepared with the basic ingredients such as flour, water, salt, sugar and grain are processed. Already those containing additives on their list of ingredients as preservatives, emulsifiers and stabilizers are characterized ultraprocessados, “says Simone.
The homemade bread and French bread are made from wheat flour, salt, water or milk and yeast – some may also contain grains such as oats and flaxseed, or eggs. These rolls have indicated consumption because they were primarily designed from a minimally processed foods (wheat flour) and added salt.
the ultraprocessados ​​usually made by large industries should be avoided. These include different breads excess ingredients such as salt, sugar, fats and exclusively industrial use of substances.
Always prefer foods fresh or minimally processed and culinary preparations ultraprocessados ​​food. This is the golden rule for a proper and healthy diet, as recommended by the Food Guide for the Brazilian population.
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French or so: what is the best bread for healthy eating?

Many people may prefer to consume the form of bread instead of French bread, for example, find it a healthier option or light. However, when comparing the income of these two products, there is the opposite:

The form of bread brings the ingredients between four chemical additives.
Sugar is the second ingredient more present in the form of bread, while the French bread is the five ingredients room.
Salt is fourth ingredient form of bread and the last French bread.

In both the main ingredient is wheat flour as the first ingredient listed indicates that is present in greater amounts in the product – the latter to a lesser. Thus, it is noted that the loaf of bread has more additives and more sugar and salt than the French bread. Therefore, for daily consumption, the French bread should be prioritized.
The cardioprotective Manual Feed warning that excessive sodium intake increases the risk of heart disease, while excessive consumption of sugar increases the risk of tooth decay, obesity and many other chronic diseases.
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Avoid food additives
Although each additive included in the industrialized breads have to pass tests and be approved by health authorities, the long-term effects on health and the cumulative effect of exposure to various additives are not always well known to science.
The nutritionist Mariana Claudino, ACT Health Promotion explains that the additives are responsible for promoting greater durability, flavor, tenderness, color, crispness and other features to products. “The higher the product shelf life, more additives it contains,” he explains.
“The indiscriminate use of these additives, such as antioxidants, colorants, preservatives, sweeteners and flavorings, can cause the development of childhood allergies and there are studies that relate the consumption of additives with cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, and insulin resistance and hypertension “says the expert, who is also member of the Alliance for Adequate Food and Healthy.



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