The New specialty of medicine: PAIN


Medicine evolves every day, with new specificities: one of them is pain.

About PAIN

This new branch of medical activity is devoted exclusively to combating pain, treating it not as a symptom but as a peculiarity that must be treated differently.

During the IV Jornada da Dor, an event held at the Barreira Roxa hotel, Dr. Cledio Alves Pereira, an orthopedist and graduate student in pain, shows how this specialization in medicine is.

According to him, the study of pain differently is done more effectively than is the treatment used by doctors from other areas. Cledio declares that in several cases of pain, which doctors, called by him “regular”, prescribe dipyrone, antibiotics, among others, the specialist of the area can cure otherwise, such as using a remedy for epilepsy

Types of Pain


The New specialty of medicine: PAIN Health A to Z Pain Relief
Types of Pain-the-doctor-healthy

Acute pain:

Acute so-called pain is one that arises suddenly and has its limited duration. It usually has the function of alerting the individual to the existence of any lesion or general dysfunction in the body.

Acute pain manifests itself transiently for a short period and most often with easily identifiable causes. It acts as a body alert for tissue damage, inflammation or disease, centralized first and then able to become diffuse. Clinically.

Chronic pain:

is one that exceeds six months, being constant and intermittent. It is almost always associated with a chronic disease process.

Skin pain:

Localized and short-lived, such as first-degree burns and superficial cuts.

When a skin lesion occurs, sensory receptors (nerve endings) that send signals that cause pain perception are activated in the lower cutaneous tissues.

Somatic pain

It originates in the ligaments, bones, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. Few pain receptors in these regions produce a dull, poorly localized, longer lasting sensation. It is the pain a person feels when he breaks his arm or twists his ankle, for example.

Visceral pain

originates within the internal organs and cavities of the body. With fewer sensory receptors still in these areas, it produces a painful, longer lasting sensation than somatic pain, which is very difficult to locate – often being associated with parts of the body that are totally different from the site of injury by the patient. The heart attack is a good example, and may first cause pain in the shoulder, stomach, arm and hand.

Seek help to overcome pain

There are many techniques to treat pain and they are studied and applied by these specialized professionals. Acupuncture, physical therapy, anticonvulsants and other methods ensure that people with various types of different pain can be cured.



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