Varicose veins in pregnancy: how to deal


Varicose veins disturb at any stage of life. And in pregnancy they may appear in those who have never had the problem and become even worse in women who already live with them. This is because, at this stage, in addition to the hormonal changes, the enlargement of the abdomen puts a greater pressure on the vessels of the skin, which dilate.

These tortuous and dilated veins may develop to varying degrees. Inheritance, weight gain, sedentary life and the use of hormones are some of the factors that contribute to its appearance. This last factor, for example, causes women to be the major victims of varicose veins.

According to Marcelo Pereira Bello, an angiologist and vascular and lymphatic surgeon at Hospital São Luiz (SP), the ideal is that the patient considering pregnancy should have a treatment before pregnancy. “We just do not recommend surgery, because as there is a chance that the vessels will dilate during pregnancy, a new procedure may be necessary after the baby is born,” he says.

And good news: according to the specialist, there is a chance that the dilated veins in pregnancy will regress three to four months after delivery, especially in those who have never had varicose veins before.

Some measures are important to avoid or lessen the problem during pregnancy. Check out:

· Maintain a balanced diet, not to gain excess weight and not worsen varicose veins;

· Do low-impact physical activities. The best are with water, such as water aerobics or light swimming, which still make a natural drainage in the body;

· Use elastic stockings, by prescription, that help in prevention;

· Another tip is massages, which can be made based on red marigold, and manual lymphatic drainage, made by specialists in pregnant women, which help reduce swelling in addition to improving blood flow;

· Although there is a myth regarding high shoes, according to the expert, the ideal is to use heels between 3 and 5 cm in height, that stimulate the muscles of the calf and help in the circulation of the blood in the veins.


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