Watch out: how to prepare influences the nutritional value of the food


You know how to prepare food can change its nutritional value? Nutritional value
Raw vegetables have more nutrients from what was cooked. In cooking steam, the loss is less than in boiling water. This is because much of the nutritional food is rich in water. Already fried preparations, braised or stewed lose more value on the preparation temperature and the addition of other ingredients, such as fat.
Cooking the vaporA loss is less than when dipping food into boiling water. However, if you can not use steam, cooking water can be used for the preparation of homemade broths, replacing the artificial broths. Water can also be used in various preparations such as soups, risotto, among others, enriching their nutritional value.
fried preparations, breaded, caramelized, braised or ensopadasAlém losses from the heating, other changes occur in the nutritional composition of foods, mainly due to the addition of other ingredients such as oils and fats, which can increase the caloric value.
IngredientesGorduras of animal origin such as butter or lard, contain large amounts of saturated fats related to the risk of diseases. Although coconut oil is of plant origin, has higher values ​​of saturated fat than vegetable oils.
Oils, such as soybean, sunflower and rapeseed, are most used and present in the food composition greatest amount of unsaturated fat, more beneficial to health if consumed in moderation.
However, it is also important to point out that foods like butter and lard are often produced by the family, with interesting use of homemade and artisan preparations that enhance the closeness of families with food.
In these cases, priority is the food fresh and minimally processed, but always emphasizing the need for its moderate use. As the salt, oils, fats and sugar are products used to flavor food and cooking, its impact on the nutritional quality of food will depend essentially on the amount used in the culinary preparations.
Vegetable conservaLegumes in solution in water and salt, and sometimes vinegar, preserved as carrot, onion or cucumber (such as pea, potato and other canned foods) foods are processed.
As other canned foods, preserving much of the food nutrients in nature, but contains excessive amounts of sodium, for which the consumption should be limited.
cristalizadasFrutas whole fruit added sugar, such as candied and syrup are processed foods. As such, they retain much of food nutrients in nature, but the processing excessively increases sugar content. As other processed foods must be consumed in small quantities and as part of culinary preparations or food meals where predominate fresh or minimally processed. candied fruit, for example, can be part of pies and cakes, and fruits in syrup can be occasional alternative to dessert.
DicasPara keep nutrients from food and still have a healthy, prefer:
– Food crus Well Cooked lavados- in vapor- With little fat- little salt or sugar


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