What to do to improve blood circulation


When our blood circulation is not good, soon our extremities like the feet and hands become cold and very easily, some parts of the body “sleep”. In addition, having a good blood circulation eliminates more toxins from the body, the Quality team to live has developed tips to help you improve blood circulation.

The blood does not circulate right when it is full of impurities, viscous and when the person does not move, therefore clean the blood by moving a lot and normalizing the digestion;

To help circulation, take a vegetarian-based diet – rich in fruits, green vegetables and greens, as these foods have nutrients that are beneficial in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving circulation.

Take a supplement based on aged garlic extract – this has numerous beneficial properties for circulation, in addition to lowering fats in the blood. Ginkgo biloba (120 milligrams / day), Asian spark and India nuts are two other plants that you can not forget to take – take them in the form of ampoules, thus achieving a higher dosage. For fluid retention, try cutting salt and salty foods.

What to do to improve blood circulation
Avoid smoking and alcohol;
Do not wear tight socks or shoes;
Adopt daily exercise of at least 40 minutes;
Do not sit for long periods of time, get up frequently;
Do not cross your legs. Stretch them periodically and make circular movements with your feet.

The emphatic use of raw lemon, garlic and onion is very beneficial in improving circulatory problems. (To slow down the characteristic breath of garlic and onion, you should chew fresh parsley, brush your teeth, the roof of your mouth and tongue and rinse with warm water).

More tips to improve blood circulation

Use yerba mate tea: It resuscitates the body and brain forces. It gives resistance to fatigue, activates the circulation.

Good herbs for circulation: cotton (leaves), santa-maria, dandelion, apple, chamomile, etc.

You can even try a stimulating bath. To do this, add a good amount of cider vinegar to the water. This, besides stimulating the blood circulation, still keeps the pores open.


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